3G Watchdog app for Android monitors your 4G/3G/Edge/GPRS data usage

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How to install the Sinhalese language 01 November 2014
What phones are supported? 09 December 2012
May I purchase 3G Watchdog Pro via PayPal? 13 May 2013
Problems downloading , installing or upgrading 3GW from Google Play Store 28 November 2014
Can I install 3GW on the SD card? 09 December 2012
Can I use an automatic Task Killer? 09 December 2012
3G Watchdog says my copy is not legal but I bought it 09 December 2012
I reset my phone / upgraded the OS and now 3GW says my license is not legal 27 June 2014
I bought Pro, can / should I uninstall the free version? 09 December 2012
Why isn't Pro in my language when 3G Watchdog Free is? [Pro] 16 July 2013
I want to contribute a translation, what should I do? 09 December 2012
SIM cards and accounts [Pro] 23 February 2015
SIM card migration [Pro] 13 May 2013
Does 3GW count 4G/3G+/2G/GPRS 04 November 2014
Does 3GW count WiMAX? 09 December 2012
Does 3GW count roaming usage? 13 May 2013
Can I set alerts for roaming usage? [Pro] 02 July 2014
Is tethering usage counted by 3GW? 09 December 2012
Is 3G watchdog accurate? 04 January 2013
Billing rules [Pro] 13 May 2013
GB, MB, and KB data measure units 04 November 2014
Usage prediction [Pro] 16 July 2013
Incorrect usage count on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, 10.1N, 10.1v (and possibly 8.9) 13 May 2013
The usage % calculation is inaccurate? 13 May 2013
Can 3GW count per application? 09 December 2012
The % is stalled at 0 [since the last upgrade or other conditions] 13 May 2013
Is usage by application accurate? [Pro] 13 May 2013
Why are usages by application sometimes shown in blue? 13 May 2013
Can 3GW exclude certain types of usage (TV, sites, applications...)? 13 May 2013
Does 3GW drain the battery? 02 July 2014
Can I have a longer (one day) update period? 09 December 2012
Does 3GW keep the phone awake? 09 December 2012
Does 3GW access the Internet? 09 December 2012
Does 3GW access my data? 09 December 2012
Usage Graph in version Pro 09 December 2012
Time Zone support [Pro 1.21.0+] 13 May 2013
Backup / Restore - What does it save? [Pro] 09 December 2012
Why does 3GW need to start automatically at boot? 09 December 2012
I love/hate the application icon 09 December 2012
Built-in mobile network enable/disable feature [Android 2.3 - 4.4] 04 November 2014
I want to set usage for my plan/week/month without changing the day history [Pro version 1.5.0+] 09 December 2012
What is the "Restrict background data to WiFi" feature? [Pro version] 29 December 2012
SwitchPro widget & Airplane mode 13 May 2013
I lose connection WIFI to 3G 13 May 2013
APNdroid doesn't correctly restore 3G 13 May 2013

3G Watchdog manages my mobile data usage (4G/3G...) so I don't go over my plan. Try it out at 3gwatchdog.fr!

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No se para que descargue 3Gwatchdog si no le paro bola a sus advertencias

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3G Watchdog manages my mobile data usage (4G/3G...) so I don't go over my plan. Try it out at 3gwatchdog.fr! Echt fijn


3G Watchdog manages my mobile data usage (4G/3G...) so I don't go over my plan. Try it out at 3gwatchdog.

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